Pharmavet is a family owned veterinary pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in the United States of America. Pharmavet delivers high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals for livestock since its establishment in 1969. Started as a one-man business and grown into a company with 6 production lines and 115 employees. Pharmavet’s products are sold in over 50 countries by 4 local subsidiaries and approximately 40 distribution partners. Pharmavet produces antibacterial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory products as well as hormone preparations, corrective preparations and complementary feed. Together we work towards clever and sophisticated solutions in order to achieve the best results possible.




We are a full-service organisation with most disciplines under our own management. For Pharmavet the sediscip lines in clude Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Logistics, Technical Supportand Marketing. Havingall the sediscip lines under one roof allows us toexcel. Optimum alignment leads to efficiency. Andlast but not least, this inter connection of disciplines stimulate sentrepreneur ship andinnovation.




Pharmavet is represented in over 30 countries. Work with approximately 20 exclusive partners, located on four continents. Our regulatory affairs, production, storage and distribution departments are all based at ourhead office in Connecticut, the USA.

For more information, please visit the local web sites or send an e-mail to info@pet-pharmacist.com.